Well Sunday I left for a long awaited vacation to Egypt. I’ve been looking forward to this trip for a long time. My longest and very first employee I ever hired lives in Egypt working in tombs in Luxor among other things. Her name is Katy. She still works for me designing albums all the way from Egypt. It’s so much better to explore the world when you have a personal connection with somebody who actually lives there. So I had to make this trip before Katy came back to the states. So my wife Stephanie and my daughter Korynn are exploring Egypt for the next 2 weeks. Today was our first full day. The highlight of the day was the Pyramids. It was so amazing to be standing right along side these amazing Pyramids. We had such a blast.
Another adventure of the day was actually getting to the Pyramids. I’ve never seen traffic so bad. I’ve been many places. I’ve spent time in China, Thailand and of course I live in Southern California. The traffic here is so out of control and there doesn’t seem to be any traffic laws. It’s a free for all out on the road. Everybody just ignores the lanes. It may be a 3 lane highway but there are 6 cars across those 3 lanes. On top of that we had 2 taxi’s’ breakdown on us today. 1 on the way there and another on the way back. It was so funny here we are 4 Americans broke down in a taxi in the middle of Cairo. I loved it. We could of been on a nice safe tour bus but I hate tours. I much rather just go for it on my own. It’s such a better experience.
I’m just posting a couple images of us having fun at the Pyramids. I want to blog more but it’s late and I have to be up at 6a.m. to catch a plane to somewhere in Egypt to catch a boat up the Nile for a few days. So no internet after tonight for a few days.

Just arrived at the Pyramids

That’sKkaty on the right. Katy is making this trip so great. She has lived in Egypt for about 8 months now. She speaks the language so well. Plus knows all these great little places to check out in the city. Places we would of never come across with out her.

Check out our camel skills. What do you think of that back drop.

Stephanie opted for the horse

For lunch today we ate at this great little local spot. The only had 1 thing on the menu. It was great. I don’t remember what it was called but I loved it. So did everybody. I couldn’t believe the price.
We each had a bowl like you see below. Which filled us up. All 4 of us for only $2 us dollars. Amazing.

Korynn loved it

I hope to blog more real soon.

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7 Responses to “Egypt”

  1. beverly ellis Says:

    hi everybody surprise, korynn bet you didn’t expect to hear from grandma while on this trip. i am over at linda’s. ilove the pictures looks like you are all having fun. i don’t know about that food, you know what grandpa would say/ yuck. waiting for more pictures, be safe, love to all. grandma

  2. Suzy Luedke ~Kennedy Says:

    Wow! How awesome is that. I love that first picture! I remember those books Mom had with all those cool pyramids, how amazing is it that you get to actually be there.

    Love you guys

  3. Judi Porter Says:

    Hi guys! What great pictures. I’ve looked at the other 2 also. Man, what a great experience. It’s amazing the poverty. We really have no idea. I would say to have a wonderful time, but I can see that you are. Love you! Aunt Judi

  4. Uncle Jimmy & Aunt Patty Says:

    Korryn…. Love it :) Enjoy yourself, this is a trip of a lifetime baby girl.. Cant wait for the stories..

    P.S Camel pics = Classic…

    Love to you all….


  5. Korynn Kennedy Says:

    hi grandma..thats so funny that it is your first time on a computer..thank u for looking at the pictures. i am having a fun time out here. there is so much to tell u about this place i wouldnt even know where to begin. i come home saturday we will come see u when i get home.. tell everyone i said hi and i love them.
    love you

  6. beverly ellis Says:

    hi everyone, grandma again, i’m starting to love this/ it could cost grandpa big money/ these are the greatest pictures, what an experience for you all. jim i am so proud of you, you have come a long way baby/ this is so good for korynn to see, life is so hard for some people and they just keep smiling. greatpictures miss you korynn, call me when you get home, enjoy it all and store in your memory bank/ be safe love you, grandma

  7. Don Johnson Says:

    Not since Moses have I seen or heard of such a journey! Ha! Again I have so enjoyed the pics and personal talent and gift of Jim Kennedy. And the cherry on top of the cake is to see the smiles of his family and friends all around the world! Way to go Jim! Don’t ever stop making a difference!

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