One last Thailand Post

Well we made it back from Thailand this week. It was an amazing trip. It was great being able to experience Thailand with our kids. Being able to experience another culture is so important in life.
Thailand is an amzing country. The Thai people are so nice. They are always willing to help you. Always happy. I love it. e spent a month in Thailand. I wish we could of stayed longer. There is so much to do and see.
Another great thing to do when traveling is to not do to much planning before you get there. We always just book the first few nights and then see where things take us. You will always meet people in your travels that will give you suggestions on what to see next. You might like some places more than others an decide to spend a few extra days. You just never know. Plus it’s more of an adventure to travel this way. You just never know where you might end up/
This trip began and ended in Bangkok. We spent most of our trip in the south of Thailand. So many beautiful beaches and islands to see. We really enjoyed the island of Ko Lanta. We actually never heard of Ko Lanta before we left for Thailand. A couple that was part of our volunteer group had spent a few days and said that it was a great place. So we said ok lets check it out. And I’m glad we did. It was a great island.
We stayed at a great place Little huts over looking the ocean. If your headed to Thailand anytime soon you must check it out. From there we headed to Krabi. Krabi is on the mainland. It’s along the coast. So beautiful. Another must see. From there we headed to the Phi Phi islands. I knew that it was going to be very touristy. But I really wanted to see them. I heard they were beautiful and shouldn’t be missed. I’m so glad we made it to Phi Phi. It was one of our best times in Thailand. If you do it right you can avoid most of the tourist crowd.
After Phi Phi it was time to head back to Bangkok. We flew out of Phuket to get there. Most people I talked to said they could of lived without stopping in Phuket. I agree. We did stop for lunch there on the way to the airport. I’m glad we didn’t spend anymore time there than that. It is so touristy. I probably would of loved this place when I was 21 and looking for a party.
I really enjoy the city of Bangkok. It’s a great city just to walk around and experience the people. Great food around every corner. Great markets to visit. In fact on our last day in Thailand we went to the probably one of the largest weekend markets in the world. It’s called the Chatuchak weekend market. It is crazy big. They say around $15,000 stalls. We spent about 5 or 6 hours there and didn’t really even put a dent in all the stalls to see. So much to see and eat. I love eating at these markets. great food at crazy cheap prices. we ate lunch at the market for about 50 cents each.
The only thing I don’t like about Thailand is the traffic. It’s insane. Avoid getting in a car or tuk tuk at all costs. My biggest tip for Bangkok is to stay at a hotel that is near the sky train. When we arrived in Thailand we stayed along the river. It’s nice but if you want to explore the city you hav eto get in a car or tuk tuk. When we ended our trip we decided to get a hotel by the sky train. So happy we made that decision. We used the sky train a few times a day. It was great. It’s easy to figure out the trains and no traffic. We were zipping around town with no problem at all. We stayed at The Asia Hotel Bangkok. It was perfect it had a train station connected to the hotel. I highly recommend it.
The more time I spend in Thailand the more I love this country. This is my 2nd trip to Thailand. I can’t wait for my 3rd. I could even see myself retiring here someday.
I also recommend Thailand to my couples for their honeymoon. Fell free to email me with any questions about Thailand. I’m always happy to help.

Here are a few more images from a couple cards I never downloaded until I returned home.

This was during our scooter time in Ko Lanta. For future reference don’t try take on a muddy road on a scooter. They have no traction. I actually dumped my scooter trying to go through some mud. Then about 30 minutes later Travis did the same thing. SO we had to push it out.


Au Nang beach. Longtail boats waiting to take you over to Railay beach. Which is also a must see.


Another highlight was Travis getting his tatoo dome the old school way of Thailand. With these bamboo sticks. I still can’t believe the detail achieved with these sticks.


Matt loved his hat. He wore it most of the trip.

One of our days back in Bangkok we decided to jump on a longtail boat and cruise through some of the canals that run through the older parts of the city.



These kids are out playing











I love this series of shots. These kids were cracking me up.









This is a must see. The reclining Buddha So cool.








Another great meal at the street vendors.













Waiting for the sky train. A must mode of transportation for Bangkok

Anybody for an egg

This was a local artist that we bought a couple of her paintings. She was so excited that we loved her work.

A monk grabbing lunch before 12 noon. Monks can’t eat any food after noon.

You can always find some interesting entertainment at the street markets.


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6 Responses to “One last Thailand Post”

  1. Carina Lindgren Says:

    Awwwww, memories:) I only stayed in Bangkok 3 days, and we didn’t use the sky train, probably should have…..traffic was a joke! I love all the colors in the pictures! Taking the longtail in the canals in Bangkok was really cool for me too, seeing those happy kids playing in that nasty water, and the shacks practically falling into the river, so crazy how they live, very humbling. Glad you’re back safe!

  2. Erin Says:

    WOW! It looks like it was an incredible trip! I loved Thailand and the Thai people when I was there. I’m glad you’re back safe. See you soon. :)

  3. Julie Ann Says:

    Wow…these photos are beautiful! I went to Thailand a few years ago and did not get the full experience like you did…you have a beauitful family! Happy New Year!

  4. Suzy Luedke ~Kennedy Says:

    Glad you’re all back home safe and sound, with another adventure under your belt. Thanks for the magnets. :o )

  5. Amber of Amber Events Says:

    Ah, Thailand. I love your pictures–my husband and I went to many of the same places a few years ago: Bangkok, Krabi, Railey, Phi Phi, Ko Lanta. For some reason, your pictures are MUCH prettier than ours!

  6. kristi klemens Says:

    WOW. What an amazing trip, thank you so much for sharing! What an experience!

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