Peru Entry #3

Well we were hoping to head out to Machu Pichu yesterday. But there was a little problem. There is a major protest going on in Cusco. So all the roads to the airport are blocked. We need to head to Mach Pichu by train. But the people protesting are blocking the tracks. So the trains are on hold. The people are protesting because they do not want to much commercial development near their ancient sites. The government in Cusco is trying to pass a law that will allow this. So if these were my ancestors sites I wouldn’t want them to commercialized. So we’ve just been taking in more of the city. It’s actually been a great experience so far.
It looks like the trains are going to be back in business tomorrow. We have our train ticket for tomorrow morning to Machu Pichu. Wish us luck.

Here are a few shots of the people gathering for their protest.




I was hanging out next to this woman at the protest.

So the protest doesn’t stop us from walking around the streets. There are always more pictures to take.




If you want to eat real cheap. There are a bunch of options for lunch right off the street



I love just grabbing quick shots of people on the street


Would you order this for lunch. Guinea Pig is real popular here. They serve it with the head and all.



Since we got stuck in Peru a couple extra days the hotel we are at upgraded our room. The first rom we had was fine just real small. The new room is like a loft. Seating area downstairs and the beds upstairs.


Well I’m off to explore Cusco for 1 more day. Hopefully I’ll be exploring Machu Pichu tomorrow.

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4 Responses to “Peru Entry #3”

  1. Joe Colombo Says:

    Traveling on your anniversary instead of gifts? You, my friend, are a genius!

  2. Mark Cafiero Says:

    Amazing, but I want to see you and Stephanie eating guinea pigs. Are you out there for the cultural experience or not?!?!? Do it!

    That room looks amazing!

  3. Katy Kobzeff Says:

    That sounds like it makes buying train tickets in Egypt easy!!

  4. Suzy Luedke ~Kennedy Says:

    The guinea pig is wrong, just wrong. Please tell me you didn’t eat that. Remember my guinea pig I named after you?

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